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A Little History Of Our Landmark Shop

Your love affair with one of America's great sub shops probably goes way back. DiBlasi's opened its doors in 1952 and was owned and operated by Philip DiBlasi of Melrose. The shop quickly became the place for fresh cold cuts or a good sandwich.

Years later, his son took over, solidifying DiBlasi's status as one of Everett's landmarks. Chuck decided to hang up his apron after almost 40 years of sub making and in 2005, sold DiBlasi's to Greg Maganzini. Greg certainly knew the ropes because he began working at the shop for Chuck when he was 15 years old. Originally from Medford, Greg grew up as the youngest boy, along with his twin sister and seven older brothers in a family entrenched in the restaurant business.

Charles DiBlasi With His Family

At DiBlasi's Subs, we believe that if you do something well people will continue to come back week after week and year after year. Grandparents walk through our doors remembering coming in years ago with their children. Now they're back with their grandkids in tow for a steak and cheese or an Italian cold cut.

As a family-owned business, we understand the importance of supporting causes that impact families in Everett. DiBlasi's takes pride in contributing to youth sports and recreation.

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