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Eat Your Way To Glory

Enter our Sink the Sub Steak and Cheese Challenge, and join a select few who have sunk the sub and gone on brag about their amazing feat. The contestant to finish in the fastest time gets a sub named after them! You pay just $30 to enter the contest and may win great prizes that include:

• A $30 DiBlasi's Gift Certificate
• A Sink the Sub T-Shirt

• Your Name On a Plaque Displayed At DiBlasi's
• Bragging Rights for Life

Contest Rules

You have 30 minutes to eat all of a 30-inch steak and cheese sub. Everything must be consumed, including crumbs, but not the extremely small breadcrumbs. More guidelines:

• You May Not Leave the Table
• You May Stand Or Sit
• No Bathroom Breaks Or Puking
• All Food Must Be Swallowed Within the 30 Minutes
• You May Drink Anything and Water Will Be Provided
• You May Add Ketchup, Mayo, Or BBQ Sauce
• If the Sub Is Dropped, You Must Still Finish It
• Winners Must Wait One Year Before Competing Again
• Eat great subs like a true champion! Our current Sink the Sub record holder is Pete Davekos, with a time of 3:21. Try his signature sub, "The Pretty Boy Pizza Bomb Sub" It is a Steak and Cheese Sub with Pepperoni, Mozzrella Sticks and Marinara sauce. Good luck!


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